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Commercial Services


For every company it is very important to give that first impression to their clients when they first enter their office.  Therefore, strong emphasis has to be put towards cleanliness and tidiness.

It is a proven fact that a proper and clean work environment will positively affect the working atmosphere and helps improve the work performance.

Holiday lets

If you are dealing with letting out apartments for holiday, then reliability, presentation, to meet the requirements, flexibility and last but not least the satisfaction of your guests are the most important to you.

Besides cleaning we are able to provide laundry service and delivery, to give certain amenities needed for the apartment, to make special arrangements ie. change bed layouts.. and also to meet  guests to hand keys and apartment over.

100 % guest-friendly service.

End-of-tenancy cleaning

If you are renting a property and you have to move out one day for some reason and you don’t really know what cleanliness is expected from your letting agency or landlord or don’t really have time for it we can help you to sort the cleaning out for you. Not only we can deal with the cleaning for you to a standard which will be accepted by your landlord or property manager but also can send a copy of the invoice for them after the cleaning to make sure and prove the property been professionally cleaned after you have moved out.

Property Agencies !

If you are working at a letting agency and it is very important for you to that the properties have to be let out in an immaculate state for the next tenant we can help you to achieve this without any problem. With our high expectations on the standard of cleanliness we can achieve excellent results on properties needed to be put in order for the rental market.

Our recent clients from letting agencies already prefer to use us when they need such service.

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Domestic Cleaning Services

Private homes

Home could be the most important place for us. A home which is your safety nest where you can re-organise your daily tasks, can use it as a spring board and as a peaceful haven. Our home is so important and how we feel ourselves in it. If it’s dirty and untidy probably it doesn’t have a good effect on most of us. However if its tidy and clean that will radiate placidity and will make you feel good to be there.

It is also important for us to have cleanliness and tidiness in homes therefore we strive to give you the same feeling every single occasion. We have an excellent eye to restore former tidiness and to get everything back to its place or generally keep up cleanliness.


For a lot of us who couldn’t manage or just simply didn’t choose to live in their own house most probably we had to share a communal staircase with other residents.

An area which been used by several people day by day will most probably get a bit untidy simply cause ‘willy-nilly’ we bring in dirt and dust to the communal staircase on our shoes or other means. The dirt and dust will just simply build up over time.

Although with regular cleaning this could be eliminated and can be easily maintained. Not only you will feel good to arrive to a well-kept staircase but also the apartments value can go up in a regularly serviced communal area. No matter if you just want to have guests in your home or your place of work has a communal area we all know that is the first place that people will see after entering the main door.

If you want to step into a clean and maintained staircase every day with a good feeling we can easily help you with this. With regular cleaning not only you can avoid seeing unpleasant details but also always everyone even yourself will open the main door with a pleasant feeling.

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Other Services

Window cleaning

If you are a kind of person who likes to look through a clean window or it is expected from your business to have clean windows then we can help.

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We really like well-maintained and well-kept properties. Therefore we decided to extend our services apart from cleaning to also provide painting in homes or other types of properties.

Let it be interior or exterior decorating we are able to restore the property’s previous glory or to an even better condition !

It is well known if you want to let out an apartment or house or wanting to sell, a good decorating beforehand can rapidly increase the value of the property. Not only we can ensure an excellent result but also can finish the whole work in less time than an average painter or decorator. If you only want to do a little refurbishment in your home we can also assist in it so you will generally feel better in a cleaner, freshly decorated renewed home.

Quality work and as we are also providing cleaning services the cleanliness after completing the work will be guaranteed to you !

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